Monday, June 21, 2010

my july movie-list!

Karate Kid.


Knight and Day.

Winter holiday is around the corner and I'm not going back to Indonesia this hols, but I'm planning to do some cool stuff in Sydney. Gotta post my hols plan later. Takecare readers! xx


  1. karate kid ma knight and day, bagusss ...
    nungguin killers nih .. kyknya seru .. action ..
    btw, lu indonesianya dimana??

  2. di Indonesianya di jakartaa hehe uda ntn karate kid? iyaaa pengen ntn nii kayaknya tiga tiganya bagus hehe :)

  3. eh hadary, maksut gue, gue dr jakarta haha tp lg ga dijakarta. liburan ini stuck di sydney hehe gue uda baca commentlo yg sblmnya, lain waktu ya kalo gue balik hehe thanks before :))